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Vegan rice paper rolls

So simple but so yummy! These vegan rice paper rolls are packed full of fresh veggies and you can dip them in the best peanut sauce you have ever tasted! You can make these if you are in a rush or just as an evening, lunch snack. Whatever you fancy. But believe us when we say - You won't be disappointed!  This is a perfect summer meal when the days are so hot you only crave something fresh but still fulfilling.  Now, let's get started. Firstly, working with rice paper can be a little bit tricky if you are newbie. But don't worry we have a few tips for you and you'll be rice paper master in no time. 1....

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MEET THE FACTORIES  “Absolutely!”, replies Bruno, Mr Sustainability! “ Bangladesh's image deserves to be revamped which is why our labels state ‘Proudly made in Bangladesh’’.   ARE THE CONCEPTS OF ‘MADE IN BANGLADESH’ AND ‘LONG-LASTING’ MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE?  We asked Bruno Van Sieleghem, Mr Sustainability:“Not at all - Bangladesh really doesn't deserve the reputation it seems to have.There are several reasons that led us to work with factories in Bangladesh as early as 2012; their highly skilled workers (you could call them experts), their modern production infrastructures, their proximity to cotton supply sources, and the competitiveness of their manufacturing costs.Of course, the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 highlighted the horrendous deficiencies of some areas of the textile industry in Southeast Asia (and...

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Why we should not visit Antarctica?

  Biggest threats of tourism in Antarctica?   While tourists may only only spend a relatively small time on landings, usually just a few hours, it is by its nature relatively "high-impact" time - compared to a scientist or support worker who spend most of their time on a permanently or semi-permanently occupied base. Tourists also by their nature will want to visit the most picturesque and wildlife rich areas of Antarctica. Such areas that are easily accessible by the kind of small boats that take tourists from their ship to shore are relatively rare in Antarctica, so despite its enormous size, tourists become concentrated in a few areas where most landings take place. A tour ship carries far more...

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