Eco Friendly Fashion Definition

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Confused about what does it really mean when someone says sustainable fashion? Ethical fashion...? IS there any difference?

YES it is. Keep reading and find out what is the difference between ethical and sustainable fashion.

Slow fashion

Slow fashion is the exact opposite of fast-fashion, meaning that it is referring to slowing the process of making, purchasing, wearing, and eventually discarding our clothing down. We used to live in a world where there were four fashion seasons, now there are 52. Yes, 52 "seasons" where clothing manufacturers are making clothing to encourage you to purchase something new if you would like every single week of the year. No wonder you always feel like you need something new!

Slow fashion is about increasing the life of our clothing and purchasing from companies who make clothes in smaller batches, with a focus on quality and longevity over quantity and fleeting trends.


Eco-fashion refers to the garments impact on the environment, and the carbon footprint associated with that item. It prioritizes the planet. This is where you may be looking more into the kind of materials being used, the water and other resources used, and the effect that the making, packaging, and transportation of that item has on the planet.

Ethical fashion

Ethical fashion is looking into the fair treatment of garment workers, and the health and well-being of the communities, which may be affected by the making of a particular garment. It is looking into occupational health standards, workers rights, child-labor laws, safety standards, and the effect the garment factory/company has on the community it is a part of.

Ethical fashion may also include the ethical treatment of animals, which could mean that no animal products were used to make a particular item of clothing.

Sustainable fashion

The overarching term and concept that I will typically be using when I talk about fashion because sustainable fashion encompasses all of the above terms. It also is a living, breathing concept that can, and should change with time. What may be sustainable today, may not be in the next year or five years from now. It is a concept that has many interpretations and standards, but for me and the purpose of how I use it, it encompasses all of the above terms.