New PLASTIC FREE pouches

The Cardboard is fantastic!

It is not without pride that we announce the arrival of top quality cardboard pouches, replacing shipping envelopes and blisters in... Plastic !

Boo Plastic sucks! 

You know that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to recycle plastic. Today, unfortunately, we find plastic wastes all over the world and in the oceans. 

Staggering and scary findings, approximately 9 million tonnes of plastics are discounted into the oceans each year, resulting in the loss of 100 000 marine mammals each year (Source). How sad...

Today, we are even talking about "plastic continents"

These are plastic wastes transported by marine currents that have formed clusters in the five large ocean basins where the water is calmer. For example, the most famous, the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" (or "The Seventh continent") is in the North Pacific Ocean and represents in size six times the surface of France. It's crazy, right?! 

At ClimateFreaks, we are really sensitive to the Ecological question And we think we each have to bring a stone to the building. How important is the protection of our dear planet, which is unfortunately far from being in great shape...

For months we had in mind the idea of getting rid of these plastic shipping packages, but we needed to find a reliable and durable alternative.

We went around the various packaging manufacturers, we learned a lot about what was being done today and we finally found our replacement... 


The new shipping pouch is therefore in recyclable cardboard and holds the FSC label (environmental label certifying that the wood comes from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible manner). It is ultra well finished and super thick. After performing several tests (winter conditions such as rain or snow), it perfectly protects the various textiles inside. 

In addition, we conducted several blind tests on several people, presenting them with the two closed envelopes ready for shipment. We simply asked them which one, they said, contained the most expensive product (implied the one that most valued the product). The cardboard pouch wins hands down the challenge! At a glance, the people tested chose the recycled envelope for its "chic" side and when they were able to take it in hand, they found it thicker and better finished.  

On the other hand, the plastic blister is not replaced, precisely for the sake of ecology. Thus, t-shirts, sweatshirts or small "flat" accessories are directly packaged in the cardboard pouches. We added on the cardboard envelope a stamp mark indicating "packaging ZERO plastic." Thanks for the planet! ».

Dropshipping: Discover the green cardboard pouches.


Note also : For the moment, we can send in these pouches all orders that have maximum four T-shirts or two sweatshirts. We are currently looking for a new pouch format for larger orders.(such as hoodies)

We will return soon to you to inform you of our future finds.

Another novelty (set up for 2 weeks): The parcel slip sent to you is now derived from recycled 100% paper. It is now indicated on the slip, at the bottom of the page: "Paper 100% recycled, a gesture for the planet." 

We try to push the ecological approach to the smallest detail: it is not only a plus for our planet, but it will of course be well perceived by your clientele.

Nevertheless, feel free to keep the bubble paper when you receive it in your parcels, it can often be reused, so it would be a pity to throw it away, eh.

Print on Demand T-Pop: Printing workshop in France.

In order not to make you secrecy, know that these pretty cardboard envelopes cost us downright more expensive than the envelope and the blister combined. However, in order not to penalize you and impose an extra cost, we have made the choice to take this price difference to our charge. 

No extra cost for you, 

We can do this for our planet:)

Now, no more fun, it's your game: flood the market with thousands of recyclable pouches!

The application with Shopify and T-Pop: The print on demand made in France.

(Yes, 2 GIFs on the same page, it's just that we're too happy.)