Designed to last

The forever relevant pieces which are kept in the wardrobe for years because of their premium fabric,
attention to detail, and high-quality workmanship.
This season, we continue to stand by our commitment to only ever use 100% organic cotton and recycled
polyester because we believe that anything less isn’t premium. We’ve given precedent to all the extra things that
come together to create something beautiful. Premium is reflected in hood linings, special trims, exceptional
metal-ware, the attention given to proportions, the exact fabric weight for each product and
the refusal to compromise on our standards in production. Premium is also present in the outstanding quality of
service that comes with each of these products.
Every style in our collection provides a strong sense
of comfort and freedom of movement and makes the
wearer feel instantly good. The moment of joy when
a garment first touches the skin is cultivated through
a considered process. First up, all our materials are
organic – beautiful, and cosy. Every product from
the collection is finished with softness at the core,
which means selecting the right weight of fabric
and deciding on the type of brushing that offers
indulgence. Then there is the cut which is designed
to work with each wearer’s mood whether it’s fitted,
oversized or somewhere in between – fit will never
mean forgoing on comfort.
Finally, we ensure that all seams are beautifully
finished because we know that comfort lies in even the
tiniest details.
Our mission is to adhere to a responsible lifestyle, which is why we integrate sustainability into everything we do. As one of the world’s top organic
cotton suppliers, we are certified to the highest levels and ethical in our sourcing and production.This collection will feature our commitment to 100%organic cotton but also a new recycled polyester blend. Recycled polyester will help offer more diversity in our collection, providing another unique opportunity to those who care about the impact of their actions.

Modernity is more than a collection; it’s a way of thinking that ensures everything we do is relevant. We’re unveiling new styles, cuts and colours – all crafted to be totally modern and exploring new
recycled fabrics that strengthen our efforts to become completely sustainable. We look forward to a successful year together!